Mua Xuan Cua Me

One of Vietnamese culture is to listen to Tan Co. Most Vietnamese favorite title Mua Xuan Cua Me. Read more to listen to audio feed and related video clips.

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Vietnamese History: Đinh Tiên Hoàng’s succession (980)

The end of Đinh Tien Hoàng’s reign was marked by the following successive events.

* He removed his oldest son Đinh Liễn from the throne as he had decided to have his second son, Đinh Hang Lăng, succeed him. His infant son, Đinh Tuê, would be next in line.
* One night in 980, as Đinh Tiên Hoàng and his son Đinh Liễn were having a party, a mandarin official sneaked into the palace and killed both father and son. Thus fate decreed that the infant son Đinh Tuê would inherit the kingdom.

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